Instructions to make an airplane with plastic canvas.

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Plastic Canvas Bi-Wing Airplane Pattern - Plastic Canvas Biplane Instructions


Create this adorable biplane using plastic canvas. Durable enough for children to play with or make several and create a mobile or shelf display. You can make them in any color that fits your decor. The cockpit area is large enough to insert a small toy doll or stuffed animal for added appeal.

Materials Needed:
  • 7 ct Plastic Canvas, in the color of your choice.
  • Button or round rhinestone for the propeller center.
  • 2 - 3/4" Plastic Rings
  • 4 - Sequins, buttons, coins or rhinestones to use for wing decorations.
  • Worsted weight yarn in the colors of your choice.
  • 1 Yarn needle (#16 or #18)


Cut 1 each of your airplane pieces, according to the pattern pieces below.

Pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane body.
Body of Biplane.

Top wing pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane.
Top Wing.

Bottom wing pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane.
Bottom Wing.

Tail wing pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane.
Tail Wing

Propeller pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane.

Wheel axle pattern piece for plastic canvas bi-wing airplane.
Wheel Axle

You will need to know 2 different stitches for this pattern.

Example of overcast stitch
The overcast stitch is used to finish the edges of your plastic canvas and to stitch 2 pieces together.

Example of standard plastic canvas stitch
The tent stitch is a small diagonal stitch that crosses over the intersection of the upper right corner of a square, into the next hole of the next row, and is used to cover your plastic canvas with the color of your choice.







Once you have all of your pieces cut out use the tent stitch to cover all of your pieces except the propeller.

Using the overcast stitch, overcast all the raw edges of your pieces, except the tail section of the body.

Bend the body piece around until the tails ends are touching. Match the pieces together and overcast stitch the doubled tail section together, including the slot for the tail.

Using silver or gray yarn overcast all 4 blades of the propeller, leaving the center hole open.

To attach the propeller you can either use a dot of hot glue or you can sew it onto your airplane front.

Sew or glue your rhinestone or button to the center of the propeller.

To attach the wheels to the bottom wing, insert a wheel into one of the holes of the bottom wing. Insert the axle into the wheel, then insert the other wheel into the other hole and position the axle into place. You should have both wheels in their holes and the axle should be in the middle of both wheels and the axle should be even placed on your wing. Stitch the axle into place.

Optional: The cockpit on your finished airplane will be open. If you prefer it to be closed lay your body onto a piece of plastic canvas and trace around it. Cut out and test fit it to your body. Tent stitch as on the other pieces and then overcast stitch into place before adding the wings in the next step.

Test fit the bottom wing to your body piece until it looks right, being careful to center the wing, and then stitch it into place.

Stitch the top wing to your plane, with the cut out side facing the rear of the plane. Be sure your top wing is directly centered above the bottom wing.

Insert the tail into the slot and stitch into place.

Illustration for strut placement.
Plane front illustration.

Using the illustration above, for the placement of your struts, use a single strand of yarn to go up from the bottom wing to the top, and back down. Tie off and work the yarn ends into your work.

Glue your wing decorations into place.

There is plenty of room in the cockpit area to insert a cuddly pilot if you wish.

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