Beaded Christmas Ornaments - Beaded Keychains

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Beaded Reindeer Ornament - Beaded Reindeer Key Chain


Make this adorable reindeer to adorn your Christmas tree, as window hangers, or add this special visitor to your key chain and take this festive holiday icon with you everywhere. They make great school gifts, stocking stuffers, or just as a way to tell someone that you are thinking of them.
Use transparent beads for making ornaments and light catchers. Use opaque colored beads for making keychains. (Instructions are provided for making ornaments.)

Materials Needed:


1. Cut a 6 ft piece of wire or cord. For cord find the halfway point on the cord and loop it onto your key ring or ornament hook as suggested in the illustration below. If you are using wire fold the wire in half and with one side make a couple of loops around the other side. See illustration below.

Key Ring Loop for Cord Making a loop in your wire for your Reindeer

2. Thread your beads onto your wire or cord, according to the pattern guide below. If you need a larger view just click on the image and it will open into a new window.
Threading pattern for beaded Reindeer

3. Using a 2 ft piece of cord or wire, make the antlers according to the pattern below. The illustration is done with a lot of space so that you can see how it is done but you will pull as much slack out of your wire as possible so that your antlers will stand up properly.You can click to enlarge this image also.
Threading pattern for beaded Reindeer antlers

If you used cord tie a double knot in the end of the cord and apply a dot of craft glue to each knot to secure them. If you used wire, twist together and tuck ends into the nearest bead.

Insert an ornament hook into the loop at the top and hang!

Seed beads or E-beads can be used in place of pony beads to create smaller reindeer.

Finished beaded reindeer ornament

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