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Easy Round Christmas Ornament Projects - Free Instructions

Contributed by Amanda Formaro, with permission

Create attractive and easy christmas decorations and tree ornaments to give as gifts, as projects to work with children, or for yourself.

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Bead Dazzling - Hot-glue clear or colored, flat-backed gems onto glass Christmas tree balls. Create a pattern or glue them on randomly

Mist glass ornaments with a spray adhesive and roll in glitter.

Using headed push pins, attach sequins to a Styrofoam ball. Add a loop of ribbon at the top, for hanging

Fold a 2x2" piece of foil wrapping paper into a fan shape. Punch a hole in one end and tie with ribbon to hang on the tree.

Fill clear glass ornaments with cinnamon, apple or pine potpourri, and hang with a ribbon bow.

Spray paint mini pine cones in gold and hang upside-down from red curling ribbon and tiny jingle bells.

Tightly wind metallic string around a Styrofoam ball.


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